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Let the independent expert take care of it.


Business process (re-)design, operations control and information management... WE GOT THIS.

Focussed on your business and goals, full circle, always.

Eliminating bottlenecks and improving efficiency by delivering sustainable results and managing business goals thru organisation evolution and/or IT implementations management.

We are redefining 'hands-on support' by not only telling clients what to change, but going the extra mile to make it happen. With SAWA you get the platinum package, all inclusive and more 24/7 expert advice and if necessary, concierge service for all the necessary tools and products!


As an independent consultant we complement and enable your expertise, knowledge and experience to achieve your business goals.

A true team player maximizes on the strenghts of his team and works together meeting all challenges head on. 

Sometimes it's that extra set of brains and hands that enables your teams and organisation to get it done, start taking advantage from the changes and move forward.

We always join forces, working as a team with our clients!


SAWA Consulting is proud to have various Dutch Caribbean government- and private organisations as our valued and returning clients.

We believe that client realtions are built by delivering sustainable results with direct value added on any and every project. Trust, reliability and matter expertise are embedded in our core.

We do not differentiate, if it is a EOI implementation process at a Ministry of Finance, project management at an insurer or an (financial) business process re-engineering project at a law firm. All projects are catered with the same professional collaboration to exceed the clients expectations, every time.

A small talk can lead to big things

Reach out, we'll do the rest. Contact us by phone, email or via our other channels.

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